Current Projects

These are the current projects I am working. I count myself very lucky that my work is quite varied.

Copy Editor/Copywriter

Reading through manuscripts, articles and social media posts to correct for proper use of the English language, spelling and grammar. I’m also able to help with developmental copy editing for improving manuscripts, text and articles for enhanced readability and understanding.

Video Producer & Content Creator

Assembling everything needed to create informative and helpful videos for a variety of projects which include studio productions, outdoor shoots and even livestreaming. Includes final editing as well as managing YouTube and Facebook video libraries.

Brand Management

Managing efforts to enhance the appearance of a brand or product online and through social media. Includes posting on social media, copywriting, videos, photos and more – anything needed to boost the visibility of a brand to retail and end customers.

Commission Artist

Assembly, customization and painting of high-end model figures and scale vehicles of all types.

I would love to discuss your needs with you, just email me with your needs.